While flat roofs add an enhanced look to your home, they often come with different problems if not installed the right way. Made to be simpler than shingle, rubber, or metal-style roofing systems, flat roofs may still suffer from problems and damages due to poor workmanship.

If you’re handy, you can try to fix some of the problems. Here is some information on a few of the most common concerns.

Roof leaks

With any roof type, if you’re experiencing leaks, then you have a problem that could get worse soon. Leaks can occur for a number of reasons and the most common causes are substandard materials and poor workmanship. You need to have strong materials; if you don’t, your roof membranes will weaken, allowing water inside your home.

Deteriorated flashings

Metal flashings are often the main element of flat roof decks as they prevent water from entering through the edges and corners of your roof. But when they start to deteriorate and corrosions are clearly evident, our expertise is all you need to make sure your home will receive professional inspection and repair.


When the asphalt compound of your roof ages beyond its expected lifespan, it loses durability and efficiency. This can lead to surface cracks or “alligatoring” and will often demand a minor fix or, in some cases, a major re-roof. While you can do the fix yourself, you’re more likely to spend more especially if you’re not familiar with re-roofing. This is heavy, tedious work best left to experienced roofers.

Pool of water

Flat roofs aren’t entirely flat and they should be slightly sloped to aid water runoff. After few years of moss and debris build up, your roof will collect huge amounts of water, as it can’t drain properly, especially if the drains are full of chippings of ballasts.

If you suspect any of the issues above, call George Parsons right away. Our strong experience and deep expertise in roof repair and replacement guarantee that our work is reliable. To schedule a flat roof inspection, call 800 989 5672.