When it comes to roofing contractors, Long Island is not scarce in this aspect. Long Island roofing is at its best, as it is surrounded by many working and able contractors that will install and maintain different types of roofs. Like every other things, flat types have variety of common problems such as flashing issues, seal problems and poor installation. They may have imperfections, and nevertheless they work well in many different types of buildings. They are structured to be simpler than elaborate slate, shingle and metal-style and flat and low-slope roofs. These inexpensive problems can be repaired using the solutions below.

Overbearing water
Removing excess water is the very basic and most important step. Snow and ice has the ability to block drains and gutters that will result to pooling of water. This can be avoided by using a squeegee, shovel or broom.

Drain the leak
If the drains are clogged, your business or home might develop a serious  leaks. This can damage the attic insulation, indoor furnishing and flooring. In order to avoid these damages, you can simple measures can be taken. First locate where the water usually pools, and then pull the rubber material up. After, bolster the insulation and re-install rubber shingles and the new flashing.

A crack here and there
Weathering or material irregularities can cause cracks in the sheathing. If this happens, peel up the surrounding sheathing. This will allow moist areas to dry. Then squeeze high quality cement into the crack. Then finally replace the sheathing. All of these could fix the problem. Additionally, 2 or 3 layers of cement can be applied to make sure that there will be no leaks in the future. When the cement is dry, a garden hose can be used to test the area.

The fungal take over
Fungus growth in or on your flat roof can cause roof flashing damage, and will then require repairs. As it grows, it also pushes the shingles or flashing away. To repair this kind of damage always wear gloves and mask to protect you from fungus inhalation and apply a recommended roofing fungicide to the source of the leak. And finally purchase a flashing repair kit as this provides instructions on how to replace it when problems in the flashing occur.

Contact your local Long Island roofer today and say goodbye to these  problems.