All the World’s a Stage: 3 Common Roofing Scams

Your roof is one of the most important features of your home. No household component plays a bigger part in keeping elements out, so when your roof demands attention, do no waste time.

The issue is not your desire to have your roofs quickly replaced, but that most people have little or no experience in hiring reliable contractors for the job. This can set you up for a variety of roofing repair scams.

We at George Parsons value our customers, so we have listed some of the most common scams, and the ways to avoid them.

The disappearing down payment

Down payments are part of the deal, but sometimes, they’re part of your headaches. Down payment scams typically happen to homeowners who are desperate to find contractors then quickly pay anyone who seems like a good choice. Contractors will say they need the initial payment to buy materials, but will never return after receiving the cash. Don’t do business with somebody who refuses to start the work without a down payment. George Parsons Roofing does work this way.

The shifting offer

This scam involves contractors offering a low bid that is far less than the offer of other roofing companies. Once their job begins, however, unforeseen repairs and unexpected costs seem to come out of nowhere. These people might claim a cost increase in the materials, or find damages that weren’t inspected before you signed the contract. Have the contractor document each repair and the cost of materials so you know how much you’ll pay when they finish the repairs.

The door-to-door agent

Under the guise of free roof inspections or a similar approach to lure you into signing a contract, sudden door-to-door talks are also one of the biggest scams in the roofing industry. To protect yourself from this, don’t talk to anyone unless they belong to a reliable company. Some door-to-door contractors are legitimate and professional, but you still need to be vigilant to avoid scams.

Fake roofing contractors prey on unsuspecting homeowners. In the event of a problem with your roof, we conduct services professionally at no additional charge. Call George Parsons Roofing Inc. for your roofing needs.

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