Over Your Head: Classic Roof Styles Everybody Loves

Adults often tell children that “you’re lucky to have a roof over your head”— and they’re right. More than just a shield from the elements, a beautiful roof can serve literally as the crowning glory of your house. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the right one. The right “crown” […]

Spring: The Best Time for Roof Inspection

Spring is not only a perfect season to enjoy the sun, but it’s also an ideal time for a roof evaluation. In areas with colder climates like New York, a roofing inspection must be done two times a year. The first being in March when the warm weather of spring starts, and the second time […]

The Perks of Installing Slate Roofs over Your Home

Slate has been present for a thousand years. Old mansions and historic buildings still stand partly as proof of slate’s durability. Now, a lot of modern properties use slate roofs for residential purposes. Because of its appeal and sturdiness, it is now becoming the perfect choice for many homeowners who want long lasting roofing systems. […]

All the World’s a Stage: 3 Common Roofing Scams

Your roof is one of the most important features of your home. No household component plays a bigger part in keeping elements out, so when your roof demands attention, do no waste time. The issue is not your desire to have your roofs quickly replaced, but that most people have little or no experience in […]

King of the Roofs: Why Copper Roofing is for You

Copper has already proven its worth to mankind. For years, the material has been an important component in improving living standards. From electronic systems to plumbing, from currency to jewelry, when it comes to utility, copper is gold. Perhaps some of the most important contributions of copper are in architecture. Many homeowners today choose copper […]

Tile Roofing: Why It’s an Affordable Solution

Tile roofing has been around for decades. Its durability, affordability, and reliability have made it one of the most efficient roofing materials around the world. We’ve seen different products that claim to be worthwhile replacements for tile. Still, they just come and go. Tile is here to stay. So what is it about tiles that […]

Roof Problems That Most Homeowners Overlook

Ever since flat roofs became a prominent feature in several homes in New York, many people have been more discriminating when it comes to home maintenance. They’d rather take things into careful consideration than rush with unnecessary repairs or additions. As flat roofs provide immense aesthetic and functional value to any home, some have taken […]

5 Simple Flat Roof Problems and the Expertise of George Parsons

While flat roofs add an enhanced look to your home, they often come with different problems if not installed the right way. Made to be simpler than shingle, rubber, or metal-style roofing systems, flat roofs may still suffer from problems and damages due to poor workmanship. If you’re handy, you can try to fix some […]

Do-It-Yourself or Wreck-it-Yourself?

Of course, nothing is more rewarding than seeing your home nicely built and you’re the one who’s responsible for all the effort. While it’s true that it can save you a lot when it comes to home repairs such as roof installations, rushing, cutting corners, and lack of maintenance knowledge can cost you even more […]

A Broken Roof: What to Expect

When it comes to roofing contractors, Long Island is not scarce in this aspect. Long Island roofing is at its best, as it is surrounded by many working and able contractors that will install and maintain different types of roofs. Like every other things, flat types have variety of common problems such as flashing issues, seal […]