How Good Weather Isn’t Good For Your Roof

For most property owners, roof maintenance begins before winter. Once the cold months have passed, it’s all about assessing and repairing damages incurred from all the snow. This, however, is a contradiction when your goal is to maintain your roof. Good weather, after all, isn’t so good for your roof.

Here are a few reasons that justify why you should still be mindful of the roof above your head even when it’s sunny.

The sun is always there

Day in, day out, the sun is there to provide you with the light you need, but it also delivers serious blows on your roof. Sunlight beats down your roof for about 12 hours every day, which means the heat has a lot of time to damage the roof little by little.

Let’s take a look at it scientifically: the infrared light is where the sun stores its heat. On a daily basis, your roof has to deal with that part of the solar spectrum. When your attic lacks the proper ventilation, heat can easily build up. Heat, of course, will try to find a way out of the confined area, which can force a lot of roof repairs.

Ultraviolet rays damage materials

Roof materials still go through wear and tear. Despite technological advancements, the daily exposure to heat would still, in one way or another, deal some damage to your roof. The intensity can go beyond cracked shingles that need replacement, as the roof material can expand or contract due to the swings in temperature.

Unprotected surfaces, especially wood, would also suffer from ultraviolet rays and ruin its finish and durability.

Ignoring issues can lead to disasters

Lastly, letting the warmer seasons pass without having a roof inspection can lead to costly repairs on the first heavy snowfall. The expansion and contraction of materials can result in leaks. Once this goes unnoticed, the next thing you know is that you need to spend hundreds of dollars for its repair. Remember that in home maintenance, every hiccup has to be addressed early on.

At George Parsons Roofing, we can help you nip these roof issues in the bud. We conduct inspections and repairs across New York. To know more about our services, feel free to contact us.

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