King of the Roofs: Why Copper Roofing is for You

Copper has already proven its worth to mankind. For years, the material has been an important component in improving living standards. From electronic systems to plumbing, from currency to jewelry, when it comes to utility, copper is gold.

Perhaps some of the most important contributions of copper are in architecture. Many homeowners today choose copper roofing for their houses for various reasons. As a leading provider of roofing services in Long Island, we know first-hand how copper can turn the simplest of buildings to a sophisticated-looking house.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from the use of copper roofing:

Great First of Line of Defense against the Elements

In terms of service life, copper roofing beats other types by a mile. The material is durable and can protect your home for up to fifty years. It is highly resistant to elements. Fire, hail, and mildew cannot easily destroy a roof made of copper.

Energy Efficient

Copper efficiently reflects light, making it the top metal choice for electronic systems. It is for this same reason that it makes a great roofing material. Being energy-efficient, it does not allow heat to enter your home. It helps you optimize the performance of your heating and cooling units.


As this roof metal is light, installation is easier compared to other types. Unlike steel and clay, it does not put too much pressure on your home’s other structures with its weight. You don’t have to worry about compromising the integrity of your foundations when you use this type of high-quality roofing.

Improves Curb Appeal

Appeal is one of the strengths of copper. It goes well with and improves the aesthetic value of any house design. Copper roofing is your best choice particularly if you are going for that rustic look.

Clearly, copper brings many benefits, on different levels. Installing copper roofs is a breeze for the experienced contractor. Enjoy this roof’s full benefits; contact our team of professionals. We will attend to your roofing needs as soon as possible and guarantee the same level of quality that built our name.

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