Make Your Roofs Better With Science!

Not all roofs are created equal, and with good reason. Each house is unique not just because of its structure and design, but because of how contractors need to adapt those designs to suit the property’s location. This requires an understanding of both attic ventilation and hygro-thermal zones.

When people say they need attic ventilation, they mean either one of two things. The first is that they live in a cold climate environment, and they need an attic ventilation system to maintain a cold roof temperature. This is to prevent the snow from melting and cause ice dams that saturate, or seep into the roofing structure, causing damage.

What this kind of attic ventilation does is to trap the heat in the attic, and prevent the snow from melting. This system not only saves the roof from unnecessary damage, but also allows the home to save on heating bills.

The second kind of attic ventilation for homes with warm climate environments is understandably the polar opposite. This kind of attic ventilation expels as much heat as possible from the home, and helps homeowners save on the cooling bill. Both attic ventilation designs were only made possible with the careful study and application of science, along with the need to save on cash as the driving motivators.

Attic ventilation is just one way homeowners can improve the functionality and design of their roofs to serve as more than just a protective cover. Roofing design and materials are using new methods and techniques to help homeowners cut down costs on energy consumption, as well as roof repair.

Roofers are using stronger and lighter materials, and even combining different techniques to maintain the structure of the roof longer. The game’s not all about the difference in materials used, though, as more roofers are willing to experiment with different roof designs that can help conserve even more energy.

Unfortunately, not many people are aware or are being told about all these advancements. I you’re one of these people give us a call immediately, and our helpful professionals can fill you in on everything you need to know about making a better roof.

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