Ever since flat roofs became a prominent feature in several homes in New York, many people have been more discriminating when it comes to home maintenance. They’d rather take things into careful consideration than rush with unnecessary repairs or additions. As flat roofs provide immense aesthetic and functional value to any home, some have taken the extra mile just to maintain its condition.

There are times though, when homeowners overlook glaring signs that they need to replace their roofs. At George Parsons, we have encountered many clients having similar problems with their flat roof systems. If you notice any of these problems, contact our team immediately:

Exposed Undercoat

Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements. They should be made from sturdy materials and a healthy coating of fluid roofing membrane. Over time, this protection stretches and wears out, depending on the severity of the weather. So, if you notice that your top coating has come off, it’s time for a replacement or recoating. An exposed undercoat only means trouble for your home as moisture can get in and disrupt the insulation levels inside.

Broken Roof Panels

There are homeowners who, choose to apply adhesive, then reinstall them again, instead of replacing broken roof panels with new ones. This practice is dangerous not just for the welfare of the residents, but also for neighboring houses. A strong gust can peel off the panel easily, which might hit other structures along its path. For good measure, consult our team to apply appropriate solutions for broken roof panels.

Peeled Off Flashings

Flashings are important weatherproofing tools. Many roof experts use them to make sure that no amount of moisture may get into the structure. They deflect water away from the joints and protect it from further disintegration. Once you notice moisture buildup on your flashings, check if there is any hole or crevice somewhere. This indicates that the strip has worn out and vapor can get in easily.

Excessive Utility Costs

Flat roofs provide excellent insulation, assuring you of more savings on energy expenses. So, once you notice that your utility cost is rising even after checking your insulation systems, chances are, your flat roofs might have some problems.

Don’t overlook these signs, and make the necessary changes. Contact our team of roofing experts for more information on restoring your roofing systems to good condition.