Roofing Maintenance Myths You Should Stop Believing

Maintenance services are a staple of almost all roofing contractors in New York. Roof repair in Brooklyn is for putting a permanent fix on issues; regular upkeep is for preventing such problems from occurring. Regardless of your property, be it residential or commercial, routine maintenance is critical to preserving the structural integrity of your roofing.

Despite the clear role it would play in keeping the roof above your head in tip-top condition at all times, there seem to be a lot of preconceived ideas circling around about roofing maintenance. These misconceptions do nothing but make you fall into a false sense of security, which may cost you significant amounts of money and cause you unnecessary headaches in the future.

The following are the most common roofing maintenance myths you have to forget starting today.

All Roofing Systems Have a Lifetime Warranty

This has been a subject of debate between homeowners and contractors time and again. While “Lifetime Warranty” actually means complete coverage of the roofing until the end of time, this agreement has conditions.

In most cases, the warranty only covers the roofing material itself, not the underlayment beneath it. It might really come as a shock to find out which sections are not part of the agreement. The only way to avoid any unpleasant surprises is to read every word on the warranty right from the start, and give your roof proper maintenance.

The Warranty Covers Everything

Many people believe that their warranty would cover any sort of roofing failure; this is only half-true. The warranty actually only takes effect if the roofing is maintained regularly. Without the necessary upkeep, the warranty becomes invalid.

Maintenance is Just a Waste of Money

You’re not required to pay for a maintenance program, but it’s a sound investment to keep your warranty valid. In addition, your maintenance paperwork can serve as a supporting document should you file an insurance claim.

Keeping your roof in great condition is the simplest way to care for your roof and extend its shelf life. The small amount you have to pay for this program is nothing compared to the incomparable benefits you can enjoy in return.

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