The Common Mistakes That Sabotage Your Slate Roof Jobs

Does debris regularly fall out of your roof gutters? Are there any missing shingles and dark spots on your roof? If these happen to your roof, you’re probably experiencing the effects of having improperly maintained or installed roofing.

For some homeowners, slate roofs are among the most cost effective and durable roofing systems. If you take care of them properly, they may last for more than a hundred years. There are homeowners, however, who experience a lower quality of life because of leaking roofs and other issues. There are different causes of roofing damage, but this could be because of their contractors or roofing team that messed up the whole process.

Let the experience do the talking

Before hiring any contractor, check their record. You may even ask for a portfolio of their previous jobs. It helps to know if they have the right expertise and years of experience in the business, so you have peace of mind as they begin their work. Don’t let your wrong choice of contractor make you feel anxious about your house. Select those with specializations and who can discuss the construction and repair process openly with you.

Don’t risk your house and your safety with a DIY project

You simply cannot walk on your slate roof when you need to fix or replace something at the top. Allow the professional contractors to repair and replace your missing shingles. Even if you do things carefully, you might end up falling from your roof surrounded with a couple of broken shingles and other debris. Don’t pursue a self-help project as slate roofing requires a different set of skills and knowledge.

Get an expert’s assistance

Failing to consider the weight of your slate roof is one of the biggest mistakes that amateur contractors make. You need to have your house evaluated from a structural viewpoint before conducting any slate roofing. This is to make sure that your house can take the weight of your roof, leading to no further damages.

Keep in mind that slate roofing requires a flexible budget. You need to tighten your expenses on a few areas and allocate a larger portion to the slate roofing job. To get the quality work equivalent to your money’s worth, go with George Parsons Roofing professional roofing contractors. Our experienced team provides first-rate roofing services and the ultimate craftsmanship. We offer roof repairs, copper work, and residential and slate roofing jobs.

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