Tile roofing has been around for decades. Its durability, affordability, and reliability have made it one of the most efficient roofing materials around the world. We’ve seen different products that claim to be worthwhile replacements for tile. Still, they just come and go. Tile is here to stay.

So what is it about tiles that makes them a successful roofing product? Continue reading to know some of its compelling features.

They’re durable

George Parsons is confident that our tile roofing will last for years to come. Whatever the season, a properly installed tile roof can withstand the elements, providing years of maintenance-free performance. From classic tile designs to the contemporary ones, we have the right knowledge and qualifications to install durable tile roofs!

They come in different colors

Tile roofs come in a variety of colors and you can choose shades that match your house, including earth tones to blend with your environment or white to help reduce cooling bills. George Parsons takes pride in creating artistic installations, complimenting the overall look and feel of your property.

They’re affordable

When you consider tile roofing for your home, the full life-cycle cost of tile roofing is more affordable than other roofing materials. With proper care and regular maintenance, you reduce the hassles and expenses related to fitting a new roof.

They’re beautiful

George Parsons tile roofs are attractive. The different styles and colors will enhance any property, resulting in a lovely home look that you can’t simply achieve with other roofing materials. Whether you’re a business owner looking for new ways to beautify your office or a homeowner planning to renovate your home, our tile roofs will surely add value to your property!

George Parsons is the tile roof expert. Whether it’s a new tile roof installation or a roof repair, we are the company to call. Call us now for a free evaluation and estimate!